Monday, 28 February 2011

Women of the 60's

Women whos style I admire:

Anna Karina - Danish muse of the director Jean-Luc Goddard.

Love her hair in this picture

Italian stunner Monica Vitti

Peggy Moffitt - Purveyor of the iconic Vidal Sassoon "five point" haircut.  Ive done my eyes like the below a few times, its not hard to do but its a really strong look and you need to make sure you're going for the full on hair/clothes to pull it off, otherwise you'll look like an extra from the Lion King.

Janet St Porter


Marianne Faithful

Mary Quant - If I ever get my hair cut this is the style i'll be going for.  I also love the collar on her dress, its simple but the contrast is really classic.

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  1. Great stuff! Only missing Sandie Shaw is missing for me for a full set of 60s style icons. For the Men of the 60s - David Bowie has to be there, along with any of the Beatles except poor Ringo, Mick Jagger, Roger Daltry and Donovan, who inspired me (unwisely) to pick up a guitar and go sing in the local park. Lord, those were the days, going to school through the local estate, with a wary eye out for skinheads - fortunately I could run fast in those days! Love the food as well Stacie!