Wednesday, 9 February 2011

food glorious food my tea menu

OK so at the risk of sounding food OCD i plan what im eating for my tea about a month in advance, thats not saying im guilty of a cheeky pizza express on the way home every now and again but planning my food out helps me organise my nights around my baking and it also minimises waste as i only but fresh what i need.

Saying that very now and again im so busy and i get caught short.

The last 2 nights have been such examples.

Monday night i was home late and opened the fridge to some left over mashed potatoes, half a chorizo and some goatscheese.  Thinking caps on and literally 20 minutes later I was tucking into gnocchi with chorizo, goatscheese, toasted pine nuts (from my dry stores) and cherry tomatoes from the windowsill.

Oh dear ive gone off on a tangent, my original blog was about my tea menu!

So here it is, what i'll be eating (and trying to blog about) for the next couple of weeks...

Thursday                                  pear blue cheese and walnut salad
Friday                                      pasta with chorizo tomatoes and rocket
Saturday 12th                            thai red chicken curry with rice
Sunday                                     braised lamb with cabbage gratin (recipe from this morning)
Monday                                   shepherds pie (use leftover lamb)
Tuesday                                   macaroni cheese with tomatoes
Wednesday                              pasta with cabbage mozzarella and bacon
Thursday                                  chicken hot pot (recipe from this morning)
Friday                                      fish pie (smoked haddock) make loads of mash for tomorrow
Saturday 19th                          sausage and mash with red onion gravy
Sunday                                     roast chicken dinner (make stock)
Monday                                   chicken broth with herb dumplings
Tuesday                                   bolognaise
Wednesday                              bolognaise
Thursday                                  Moroccan lamb kebabs with tabouleh and raita / flatbreads
Friday                                      rack of lamb, ratatouille, pomme anna,
Saturday 26th                           eating out @BOUCHON HEXHAM (Juan Martin gig)
Sunday                                    belly pork with leek suet pudding, cider gravy

Anything that takes your fancy on there that you really want me to blog about then let me know.

And heres a picture of my lovely dog just because i love him.

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  1. Can you come round and make my dinner list up too?!

    Very organised! And your menu sounds yum! x