Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cake, a canine celebration and a dress i need

My plan of action for last night was to blog the Rolling Stones "Exile on Main St" album but i just didnt have time.  Without going into to much info i was stuck in A&E until late. So thats going to have to wait for another day.

This morning ive been through to Whitley Bay teaching a one on one class with a little girl who wanted to make brownies and whoopee pies.

I got back around 1pm and made this for a customer tomorrow.  Its a chocolate sponge filled with chocolate buttercream and raspberries. the collar is chocolate pencils and its topped with lindt shavings that i did with a hot knife and a selection of fruit.  It looks pretty good if i do say so myself.  It will serve around 20 good  slices, (its 8 inches but is 4 layers high) and is priced at £65.

Tonight im going to Bouchon the French restaurant from the F Word Series 5.  I'll be reviewing the restaurant so check back tomorrow for my pictures and recommendations.

Finally, it was 1 year ago today that i picked Percy up and brought him home. He is such a handsome little boy and is like my best mate.  He is currently lay on the bed upstairs with his three piece in the air for all to see. 

Heres a few pictures of him.

Oh the dress, i alomst forgot, im having visions of a tangerine paisley number with contrasting off white detail.  Not sure on the sleeves yet, i'll probably so sleeveless either that or really structured well fitted sleeves.

Today ive been wearing:
vintage Levis 501 with 1/2 inch sewn in turn up
black fred perry m12 with gold twin tip and laurel
black bass loafers

Tonight i'll be wearing:
60's navy dress with gold buttons
black vintage loafers with fringe detail

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  1. Ok... I have puppy envy. I LOVE Percy. I think it was his smile in the last photo that did it!