Saturday, 19 February 2011

Music for the (Northern) soul

Music and being a mod is my everything, its WHO I am, WHAT I hold above anything else, WHY im the person i am today.  Clean living under difficult curcumstances.

Heres a little peek of me about 10 years ago, check out how little the beehive was ha!!

Im consumed by Northern Soul, RnB, Reggae and Boogaloo.  I dont much go in for Psych or 60's Garage, Ive got a lot of friends who are into it though but its a bit too Austin Powers for me, and believe me when i say there is a really specific difference between a mod and someone whos into the 60s!

For anyone who isnt into what im into its hard to explain, my hearts beating fast in my chest right now just thinking about it and thinking about how i can explain how it makes me feel.  Its the passion and excitement of that first second walking into a club and hearing that certain tune that just pins you to the wall with an intoxicating beat. 

I reckon this is probably one of the main reasons i get narked that people think i have been styled for TV, ask anyone that knows me and they'll tell you its the music that made me a mod.  When people assume Ive been styled its like they are saying i dont really march to the beat im representing, its a big slap in the face of what i love and live by. Ive always said, strip me naked and shave my head, as long as ive got the music i'll be happy, because fundementally thats what being a mod to me is all about.

Ive been an original vinyl collector for years, I paid more for my last record than i did for my last car, however my car was an old banger haha! I'm not overly fussed about original pressings, i think I'd be sick at the thought of playing a £900 record on a night out, so yeah sometimes pressings are fine! But when theres one you want, like for example the Joe Tex track below - only the original would have done, and i got it.....

Now less of the Mills and Boon, writing never was one of my strong points. Heres my top tunes, what im listening to now and what i consider all time classics.

I love artists like Kim Weston, Edwin Starr, Dean Parrish, Jackie Wilson etc etc but also have a real soft spot for Motown, Chess, Stax, Trojan - the list is endless

Click the links to go to:

Joe Tex - I wanna be free

Betty Lavette - Stand up like a man

Rita and the Tiaras - gone with the wind

Willie Mitchell - The Champion

Paris - sleepless nights

The Originals - suspicion

Little Johnny Taylor - Somewhere down the line

Jamo Thomas - I spy for the FBI

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