Monday, 7 February 2011

The announcement

Well well, not quite sure how to start this so in my usual style im just going to blurt it out.  Iits with enormous pride that I have been offered my very own Dragons Den style offer from two local business men.

I have been offered substantial investment to expand the brand and to hopefully make The Beehive Bakery a national brand and beacon of quality.

First things first as of March 1st I will be operating out of a brand new commercial unit at the Sunderland Business Innovation Centre.  Equipment, packaging, advertising and marketing will benefit from the investment and im working closely with the investors to relaunch the Bakery.

Im really excited about the coming months and believe me when i say ive worked my arse off to get this opportunity.

For those of you who might not know, since finishing MasterChef ive been holding down my full time job aswel as doing the bakery from home to support myself financially. 

Its been the most mental 12 months, i originally started the bakery as a hobby but its grown into something i can be proud of, something i can be proud to say ive done from the ground up.  Ive had no help, financially or business wise and its been a struggle.

There have been times when ive been close to giving up as the pressure and stress of my family life and working two jobs has on more than one occasion taken its toll (however i wasnt complaining about loosing 7lbs in 5 days at the time due to overworking)

Anyway, enough of the sob story its not Jereme Kyle; ive got a fulll time assistant bakery manager and an apprentice working for me so its time for me to (wo)man up and continue to make my dreams a reality.

Its poingant that the new series of MasterChef starts this month and I hope i have inspired at least one person to believe that if you have a dream you can make it happen.

Thank you to Claire, Vicky and Suk from Shine for believing in me from day 1 and giving me the opportunity.  Thanks to Greg and John for recognising i had potential and most importantly thanks to everyone who has supported me and the bakery.

Heres to 2011 and beyond.


  1. Dear Stacie,

    Congratulations!!! All the best of luck in your new venture.

    Bisou from France,


  2. fantastic news stacie ...this is most wonderful and couldnt of happened to a more decent human and down to earth person ...good luck for the future i hope it goes on from strength to strength wishing you every more success than you already have ...Annette

  3. Wow! Such a great thing! Congratulations, I am really happy for you and this wonderful opportunity. Keep up the good work. Bravo!!

  4. Good on you ! All the best, you make a brilliant product and I look forward to watching your deserved success

  5. Congrats, that is amazing news! Very well deserved! x

  6. Great news to hear - lovely to hear of someone who deserves it, doing well. As things get bigger, hope you stay in touch with it, not let it run away from you and become just another factory type of supply churning out not-so-good-quality products...
    best wishes and lots of luck xxx Pat

  7. That's great news, Stacie! Good luck with it all. The hampers made great Christmas gifts, thank you! Fiona

  8. Hi Stacie, just 'found' you through Mod news.
    Excellent blog and really pleased to see your business going forward.
    My wife, Bev, and myself live in Washington and started 'Mamma Chef Cakes' (see web page) from scratch and with the aid of business enterprise.
    Unfortunately Bev has suffered bad health recently and is presently in Gateshead QE hospital as we speak. This has put a complete hold on the business venture as her health comes first.
    We are both qualified to NVQ L3 (Catering) and also both taking our NVQ L3 Patisserie & Confectionary course at Gateshead College.
    On top of all this, my interests are Lambretta/Vespa, Northern Soul, Tamla, Atlantic, Stax and Mod culture.
    If you ever want to meet up with us, please get back in touch
    Regards - Paul & Bev

  9. mate just chgecked out your facebook, cakes look totally mint!!! where do you go for nights out etc? Ive heard the northern soul nights at the Swallow Hotel Gateshead, (last Friday of month are good x

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