Sunday, 20 February 2011

Recent fashion finds

I hope this blog will become a reference for mod and 60's fashion in time and to get the ball rolling heres what i bought today..

firstly this little beauty: An original 60s red number from Ebay.
Its a very simple design and shape which i love, its thing through the arms and stops just above my wrist.  The fabric is really heavy which is a sign of quality i think.  I plan on wearing it with white tights, or is that too Mrs Christmas? either white or no tights, shoes ive got carte blanche but i reckon i'll stick to something simple, maybe a black patent square toe with buckle detail?

Also not sure whether to get any lace detail added to it, i would like to but lace detail is getting a little common and i like my clothes to be original whenever possible.

Second up we have this late 60's piece, again from Ebay, i love the thin marroon line in the chevron, nude tights are a must with this and im thinking of the yellow patent shoes too, i'll keep my make up simple with having so many colours.  I adore navy, ive got a whole load of original accesories to match so i'll be spoiled for choice.

Finally, i got myself a little fedora, very Anita Pallenberg i live right by the Barbour factory and they have a factory shop which sells samples for rock bottom prices, the hat is a design for summer which will RRP at £50 yet i picked it up for £15 bargain.

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