Tuesday, 22 February 2011


God i feel like Usher, except my clothes fit me and my nose is only slightly too big for my face.

When he whacked out his hit confessions a few years back i reckon everyone with a dirty secret thought they could sleep at night knowing they were not alone.  We Salute you Usher and your shit dancing.

Never the less, this is my confession, my dirty secret, every now and again theres nowt more I enjoy than some country honky blues.

I know exactly whos fault it is, The Stones, their early material was littered with American RnB and blues covers, and my Idol Brian Jones, the man to who my tattoos are dedicated (birth and death on my wrists) and the person whos grave i visit in Prestbury Cemetery, Plot: Plot V11393 (yes im that sad) was heavily influenced, some might say consumed by blues records from an early age.  He was in fact the first person to play slide guitar in the UK, chopping the top off a glass beer bottle and using the thin opening as an instrument over his finger in which to achieve the slide guitar sound...

Actually im going to go off on a quick tangent, the above (me travelling to Brian's grave) is actually refereed to as Dark Tourism and its the subject on which i wrote my dissertation at University gaining a 2:1(hons) in 2006.

Right back on track, oh and heres the grave for anyone who might be interested: Rumour has it he is buried 12 foot deep to stop looters digging up his sexy bones...


Here is the Stones first single release, which was a Chuck Berry cover for anyone who might not have heard it.    The track reached number #21 in the UK Singles charts in 63. Their first two albums infact only had one original Jagger/Richards song across the whole albums.  Which was Tell Me the rest were covers, as Brian Jones originally set up the Stones as a cover band.  And this ladies and gents is the reason ive got such a soft spot for country blues.  Heres a couple of my favourite tunes, click the link to go to the track.

CSNY - Ohio
The Band - The Weight and heres is Aretha covering it and doing an amazing job!
Bonnie and Delaney - Comin' home
Humble pie - Black Coffee (YES THATS STEVE MARRIOTT)

Im told Heavy Load Club is the place to be for such musical appreciation in London, Ive never managed to make it down but im promised theres a big love in at the end in the form of a acapella Lynark Skynyrd sing along...

So if i love it so much why do i feel so guilty? Well i dont REALLY i suppose but theres not much of a link up between a sharply dressed mod who would rather fight naked than get their clothes dirty, and a long haired face painted free lover.

I hope you have enjoyed the tunes in this post... comments welcome.


  1. it's all just good music Stacey :)

  2. Erm .. is this the moment to mention that Mick Jagger almost married my aunty? ~sidles off~ :)