Monday, 21 February 2011

A man said i was marching to my own beat (and i liked it)

I know Ive mentioned her before in this blog and on twitter but Angela from The Carnaby Streak really is the best in te business for making clothes in the style of the 60's / mod eras.  Far from jumping on the 60s bandwagon thats currently being whored through the high st .  Angela posesses the greatest of skill and thats the ability to tailor 60's clothing as it would have been (think French Darts and your in the right area)

You look at her competition and they are rehashing polyester crap with lace trim and selling it for double. Far from me to judge, I'll let the wheat seperate from the chaf as it naturally has with Angela and remain a happy loyal customer for years to come.

We are currently working on a dress together, well when i say working, i mean i pick the style dress, choose from a list of fabric samples she sends me and we both work out the detail and finishes together.  That way i know 100% my dress is going to be original and finished beautifully.

So the first little number is a heavy crochet/lace number with collar and button detail to the front, its also going to have a waist belt with gold fastening. Ive picked my fabric (heavy white lace) and we are moving onto the more exciting details now.  I hope it will be ready for Easter so i can wear it for Le Beat (where you can find me annually on an Easter Sunday dancing and drinking until the small hours)

Heres another couple of dresses ive got in the pipeline, i love the simplicity and contrasting lines of the first one, its going to be really structured and sharp.  Cant decide on colour, ive already got a white one with black detail thats similar, maybe an oxblood with a white contrast?

Anyway here it is

The second one is a really structured heavy numbe with button/collar detail.  I fancy a peter pan collar though which is round and not square as in the picture.  And the centre of the collar will join, its little things like that which make all the difference, the small details which i love and which excite me, i only ever use images to get inspiration and thats the other thing i love about Angela, she makes my visons a reality.

Thats all folks, heres a little beat to say goodnight.

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