Thursday, 17 February 2011

MasterChef, the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter, via some pasta for tea....

GOD Ive been busy week this week. Unusually so, theres been boobie cakes, pasta making courses, sugar spinning demonstrations, book signings, bakery meetings, my regular orders, a trip to London, 50 sticky toffee puddings to make for the Ideal Home Show official invitation and oh yes the new series of MasterChef, the ONLY thing i have sat down for this week!

I dont mind the new format, its HARD going though, but then i suppose the contestants have had weeks if not months to perfect the dish that they present to John and Greg so they shouldnt really be slipping up and serving lumpy mash tatie, but at the same time they are all ameturs with no experience so anyone with a glimmer of hope should have been put through in my opinion to see how they progress..

I made this for tea last night, super quick pasta dish which consists of smoky bacon, mozarella, cabbage, parmesan and a bit of the pasta cooking liquid.  Think its a Jamie Oliver recipe i have tweeked.

If you want the recipe shout, although its blindingly simple...

Tonight im back in the kitchen working my mejool date magic on my sticky toffee puddings, did i mention i recently won an independant taste test against the best in the business. The beehive bakeries sticky toffee pudding cake out on top with 71% of the vote.

Im entering my secret recipe into the Gold Taste Awards this spring, fingers crossed.

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