Sunday, 10 July 2011

Do i look like Tina Turner?

The wig debate rages on, so ive done a video of me taking my beehive out to show its not a wig.

here it is, enjoy, im just off to iron my "I told you so t.shirt".

Heres a little image montage of the beehive coming out with some step by step tips to how i got it in.

Before i begin heres a few tunes i can not stop spinning at the minute.

And my new sunglasses - ive been after a pair for years, im so fussy when it comes to shades, its probably because i think ive got a funny shaped heed.

So the hair, its 34 inches, all my own, straight no layers, never get it cut, dont even wash it if im honest.  When i do though i like to use Kerestase Bain de Force, it keeps my locks in tip top condition.  I use three of the range, the shampoo, conditioner and this heat activted serum for before i blow dry. 

Right boring bit over.

So to begin, the hair goes up into a top ponytail.

A donut is slipped over the ponytail - available from Boots etc for about two quid, they are fab and allow me to stick grips into my head at random and i know they will be fixed to something.

The second stage is to take sections of my ponytail and backcomb pulling them around in a bun.  I try to backcomb each section as 'fat' as possible. pulling the strands of hair to create a 'wall' of hair.

After all of my ponytail is backcombed, which usually takes around 5 minutes, its time to smooth everything out and tuck the ends in, pretty self explanitory.

its finished with a million haircrips and a good whack of hairspray.  I use a tailcomb to tidy any little bits and im good to go.  A pair of clean knickers over my head if i want to sleep with it in and thats about it.  No wig, no conspiracy, no Marge Simpson competition.