Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My first (potential) pop up

I’ve been invited to host a pop up at The Roker Hotel in Sunderland, a beautiful beach front location in Roker, Sunderland, a stone’s throw from my house.
The proposed date is Saturday August 3rd and there will be two sittings to be confirmed.

I’m planning on 5 courses and the price is to be determined.

Early stages at the minute but I hope to have this confirmed and be able to start selling tickets within a week.

For anyone interested here’s the menu I’m proposing. I’m not the kind of chef who'll make a veloute out of asparagus so if you're looking for foams and all that carry on I’m not your girl.

Any comments welcome at the bottom. It would be helpful to know what people would pay per head? the price will be determined once the manager has priced up the event.


Pre Starter:
parfait. toasts. jam
Chicken liver parfait served in mini kilner jars, topped with red onion jam. with a thin toasted sourdough

But not as you remember it. home corned beef, potato and onion gratin, black pudding crumble, rich beef stock

scallop. celeriac, truffle, apple
Pan fried local king scallops with celeriac and truffle puree, apple salad, apple caramel

Main (the dish I cooked on MasterChef:
venison. potato. beetroot. blackberries. chocolate
tea smoked venison, creamy buttered mash. Beetroot and blackberry puree, rich game gravy finished with a hint of bitter chocolate to enhance the flavours of the dish

chocolate. pistachio. cherry
Chocolate delice with a brownie base, cherry coulis, pistachio ice cream, biscuit, chocolate mousse


  1. If I live in the NE I would definitely consider coming to something like this. I like the fact you're an accessible cook - the sort of food we'd all love to be able to make at home if we had the talent or knowledge, but not poncey and overly restaurant-ey. Hope it does well!

  2. Hi Stacie Is this happening as planned? If so, where do we get tickets from?

  3. Hi Stacie, trying to book a days cookery class as a surprise gift in the North East only 15 mins from you , do you still do them please? tried to leave messages in a few places but all contact details seem to take me to a dead end, many thanks