Sunday, 27 March 2011

Yorkshire Puddings

Ive just posted a pic on twitter of my Yorkshire puds and thought, hold on Stace why dont you just blog them, so here goes.

Yorkshire puddings are the simplest thing to make its only 3 ingredients but its the method that really makes the puds special.

You need a scalding hot pan, im talking setting your smoke alarm off hot!

If your oven isnt great what i used to do when i lived at my mams (hers was rubbish) was put a piece of tinfoil over the door before i closed it to keep the heat in.  Worked every time.

makes 12
3 eggs
250g plain flour
300mls milk
1tsp salt.

whisk the eggs salt and flour together and gradually beat in the milk until you have a smooth batter.
You can make the batter in advance if you like, loads of people reckon its better if its been made in advance but i think its an old wives tale.
Pre heat your oven to its hottest setting about 30 minutes before you want to bake the puddings.
put around 1 tablespoon of oil in each hole of your tin and put it in the hot oven.
after 20-30 minutes of heating the tin and oil you want to transfer your batter to a jug so its easier to pour and working really quickly (close the oven door when your doing it to keep the heat in) pour the batter into the holes, it will sizzle up and splutter so be careful.
Put the tin back in the oven and close the door carefully, dont slam it, that might be another old wives tale but i always do it incase i knock the air out of the puddings.
Right so 20 minutes on the timer! carve your beef, warm your plates and bang! Right before serving get your burnishing yorkies out of the oven and serve immediately!



  1. I'm gonna give this a go cos I've NEVER been able to get my Yorkshires to rise!

    Looks like you've made them in little ramekins though, do you recommend that rather than a muffins/yorkshires tin?

  2. hi Stacie is there any chance you could post your chocolate yorkshire and butter pudding on here please? I saw it on a repeat this morning and its not available on the itv website anymore :( it looked amazing!

  3. ditto Stacie I would love that recipe...I have been searching all day to find the recipe or Saturday Cookbook on demand....with no luck :(

  4. I also want the chocolate yorkies recipe :-)